Elk NetworkGrizzly Bear Attacks Hunter in British Columbia

General | September 18, 2020

A grizzly bear jumped a hunter and bit him in southwest British Columbia near the small town of Pemberton.

“The man was hiking towards the North Creek Cabin and he saw a bear cub and the first thing he knew the sow was on him, biting his leg, so he fought back,” Sgt. Simon Gravel of the Seat to Sky Conservation Service told CTV News. “The bear disengaged and came back shortly after to cause more injuries, then he fought back again and eventually the bear disengaged.”

The man received treatment at a hospital and is expected to recover from his injuries.

The grizzly attack is the third in the region over the last month. A member of a local search and rescue team said he could not recall any attacks in the previous decade.

Pemberton is approximately 95 miles north of Vancouver.

Go here to watch a CTV News report on the incident.

(Photo source: British Columbia Conservation Officer Service)