Elk NetworkGetting into Position

Hunting | June 15, 2017

At the range, a number of factors make your rifle seem deadly accurate: lead sleds, sandbags, a semi-warm seat, the list goes on. Shooting in the field is vastly different, likely lacking all those aforementioned luxuries. Next time at the range, once you sight-in your rifle, mix things up by shooting from field positions. The following three field scenarios were pulled straight from videos created by our Rifles & Cartridges columnist, Wayne van Zwoll. Use a Latigo SlingShooting sticks and bipods are great unless you’re trying to be quiet and carry less gear. Your rifle likely already has a sling, so why not make it
functional? Aside from a benchrest, it’s the best shooting aid you can use. The sling pulls the butt into your shoulder. It takes the weight off the left arm. And it takes only three seconds to use.