Elk NetworkGear 101 – Warn Factor 55 Close System Winching

Gear 101 | December 28, 2022

It’s late season. A good snowfall just hit on your favorite hunting spot, and you know you can cut a track. You’ve just got to get there. Except, your rig gets stuck in the snow on the way. You decide to winch out, but the load shifts, and a metal winch hook goes flying. Not a safe, or ideal situation.

Every time you connect your winch to a load, you want to feel confident in your setup no matter what you’re up against. It could be the difference between making it to your favorite elk spot, or even life or death. With a conventional winch hook with a spring-loaded metal safety gate, you can’t be sure it’ll perform well in any but the simplest situations (and winching in elk country usually isn’t simple). That’s where closed system winching comes in hand, and that’s where FACTOR 55 products shine.

What is closed system winching?

Uses all the same components of traditional winching (drum, cable/rope) except it features all closed-link hardware rather than a typical metal winch hook with spring-loaded safety gate.

Why closed-system winching?

First, it’s a lot safer: the metal gate on a traditional winch hook is a weak point. The safety clasps on conventional winch hooks are easily bent making it hard to contain whatever rigging you use. Like the ends of straps or shackles.

If a load shifts or a strap loosens and tightens again, that safety gate can become a point of failure.

Closed link hardware has no weak points because it features solid connection points at both ends

Sometimes a winch hook can’t effectively hold both ends of a safety strap and you would need to use a steel or synthetic shackle anyway, which interfaces effortlessly with FACTOR 55 closed link hardware. FACTOR 55 products have a screw pin shackle that have a much higher working load limit than the standard winch hook Plus, it’s good for use with synthetic winch rope or steel cable Easy to switch to: Just replace standard hook with one of FACTOR 55’s American-made, highly engineered, and tested products

Oh yea, did we mention it looks nicer too? If you have a rig that looks nice and you’re proud of it, you can color-match it to your vehicle. It also protects the end of the winch line and fairlead during the 90% of the time your winch will not be in use. The integrated rubber pads on F55 products protect the fairlead surface and allow the winch line to be stowed and protected until the winch is needed.

Quieter: Doesn’t rattle around and make a bunch of noise while you’re in motion All have rubber pads to keep them tight to the surface of the winch billet aluminum and titanium construction = very light

With all the benefits and no real downside, why not switch to a more reliable, safer way to winch? Try closed system winching with FACTOR 55 products and enjoy the peace of mind it gives you.

Learn more – https://factor55.com/