Elk NetworkGear 101 – Swagger Bipods & Shooting Sticks

Gear 101 | September 8, 2021

A stable shooting platform is one of the most critical aspects of your hunting setup. RMEF supporter Swagger Bipods has something for nearly every hunting situation. Want to see the Swagger in action? Check out the RMEF Film “Clair” below. 

Flex Ready Technology

Nearly every Swagger Product features flex ready technology. This innovation solution allows you to track game animals up and down, left and right, without the need to move your rifle. Once you find that solid base, your bipod legs stay put while you move with the target.

Hunter29 and Hunter 42

Swagger bipods are all about agility and flexibility. Traditional bipods are limited in adjustability and capability to quickly transition to a new position. With the Hunter series, it’s easy to shift from one shooting position to the next by extending the legs and twisting them to lock into place, or simply swinging one leg out or in to adjust your height on the fly. Swagger’s adjustability also makes learning to shoot easier for younger, smaller shooters, helping them effectively and comfortably land their shots. The Hunter29 bipod extends from 6.75″ to 29,” so it’s perfect for prone, seated or kneeling shots.  While the Hunter42’s 41 ½” legs are perfect for uneven terrain, high prone, seated or kneeling shots. You can even utilize one in a tree stand or blind.

QD42 and 72

Need to steady your favorite Turkey gun? Although many hunters prefer the QD for what it stands for – “Quick Detach,” this product is made to complement some muzzleloaders, crossbows and shotguns. The Hunter42 needs a flat space to attach, and most of the new crossbow designs simply don’t have that. There are several muzzleloader stock designs and shotguns that also don’t have the flat space or a standard sling swivel stud, required for Hunter series attachment. The QD now can fit those needs. Stay steady in the roughest topography by easily removing the rubber foot to reveal a spiked foot that burrows into terrain. It’s great for shooting from a seated position, a kneeling position or set up seated in a chair. It’s longer brother, the QD72, extends from 24” to 72” for those hunters looking to utilize a standing position in thicker woods or venturing overseas for a hunt.

Stalker Lite and XL

The stalker Lite is for those hunters that are trying to shave pounds from their gear. Whether you’re venturing deep into the backcountry or you’re getting on in years and tired of carrying extra weight, this shooting stick is extremely light, weighing in at only 10 oz. It folds up for easy storage and comes back together quickly and quietly. The Flex ready technology allows you to track a moving target while maintaining a steady rest. Move up, down, left and right without having to touch the sticks to make adjustments. You can even use it as a rear support in conjunction with another bipod. Extend the legs from 21” to 36.” The XL version features all of the same benefits while adjusting from 45” to 65” for those who prefer standing shots.


The SEA12 is one of the newer offerings and perfect for prone shooters. It’s built for hunters and competition shooters who need flexibility in the field or in competition. It allows you to get into position when shooting at odd angles or in uneven terrain or obstacles. Keep tracking of your target and moving the crosshairs without taking your eye out of the scope and off target. This shooting aid also sucks up recoil, helping to eliminate some “bipod hop.” Extend from 9″ to 12.”


This bipod boasts all the features of the SEA12 but adds the ability to lockout movement along a spectrum from 100% Flex Ready technology to 100% rigid when you need that rock solid base. Simply adjust to the level of flexibility you need for your shooting situation by tightening or loosening the adjustment screws. The added Quick Detach feature makes for an incredibly versatile shooting aid. Adjust it from 6” to 10.5.”

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