Elk NetworkGear 101 – Stealth Cam Fusion X

Gear 101 | November 4, 2021

The new Stealth Cam Fusion X cellular-linked game camera is built to never miss a shot.

With a .4 second trigger speed, shaved down from the .8 second trigger speed of the previous model, you’re more likely to catch that running critter on camera.

Unobtrusive down to the smallest detail, even the passive infrared (PIR) sensor has a matte finish to prevent any glare or reflection previous versions had that might send spooky game running.

Trail cameras can be clunky to setup – the Fusion X tackles that problem head on with the Quick Scan QR Code setup. It makes it easy to get the camera out in the woods and snapping 4k photo or video quickly.

To operate, pair the camera to the all new Stealth Cam Command Pro app and Verizon or AT&T cell service. Download the app, create an account and sign in. Scan the QR code, located underneath the battery tray, within the app. Then, simply follow the on-screen directions to finish setup. Once paired with the camera, the app delivers almost real-time feedback. You see what’s happening anywhere your device has service, 24/7/365, without having to leave the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

The camera is compatible with memory cards up to 32 gb, more than enough space for that crisp 4k footage. You can adjust the resolution between 4 megapixel up to 26 megapixels, depending on how much detail you need and how much storage you want to use. The new Fusion X even has the capability to send videos!

One of the most advanced features of this camera is the built-in artificial intelligence. With the updated Command Pro app, each picture can be labeled with the animal it captured. Images are now tagged in the frame with labels like “buck,” “doe,” “hog” and “turkey.” Filter the photos by time, date, moon phase, temperature or type of animal. The AI technology allows users to change black and white night photos to color, with one click!

At an extremely reasonable price, this camera costs $159.99. Pair it with one of our affordable data plans, from month-to-month subscriptions to prepaid yearly, and you won’t break the bank! Starting at $5 a month for 650 images and $20 a month for unlimited images, you have the option to choose what is most convenient for you.

Please be sure to check and abide by any local laws regarding trail camera use during hunting season.

Learn more at: Stealth Cam