Elk NetworkGear 101 – Mathews V3

Gear 101 | January 4, 2022

The V-3 is Mathews’ latest creation. This masterpiece engineers more riser in a compact profile to give you stability, stealth and the total accuracy you expect from the best bow maker on the planet.

While available in both 27- and 31-inches, the 31 features the extended bridged riser, which is the longest riser to axle-to-axle ratio Matthews ever built.

Why does that matter? Three reasons – reduced weight, unparalleled stability and unmatched accuracy.

The patent-pending center-guard cable containment system delivers optimal cam timing and provides additional vane clearance.

The all-new Nano 740 damper controls are specifically designed and calibrated to reduce post shot noise and vibration on the V-3.

The revolutionary Crosscentric Cam system lets you change draw weight and draw length by simply changing a mod.

The V-3 is fully compatible with the Silent Connect System to allow for easy sling and rope attachment.

The engage grip system is designed for consistent hand placement to reduce torque regardless of hand size.

To further enhance accuracy and decrease vibration, an enlarged stabilizer bushing increases the stiffness of any attached stabilizer by up to 10 percent.

Give it a try. You’ll find the V-3 is right on target.

Learn more at Mathews Archery.