Elk NetworkGear 101 – Leupold VX-3i CDS-ZL Rifle Scope

Gear 101 | June 19, 2020

Tough and lightweight with outstanding performance in low light conditions. What more could you want from a scope?

How about a reasonable price, lifetime guarantee and made right here in the USA? Leupold’s new VX-3i CDS-ZL riflescopes have all that and a whole lot more.

The VX-3i line itself has been around for a while and the reviews speak for themselves. New for 2020, they feature the zero lock dial system, which allows you to quickly dial back to your zero. And the CDS, or custom dial system, allows you to get a customized dial for your specific caliber and cartridge. More on that in a bit. First, let’s talk optics.

The glass on the VX-3i line features Leupold’s DiamondCoat 2, which is a lens coating that translates into higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion resistance they’ve ever offered.

To help extend your hunting time even longer, Leupold’s Twilight Max Light Management System intensifies ambient light in low-light environments, which simply means you’ll see more in less light.

The VX-3i line features great glare management and drastically reduces image wash-out caused by stray light. In fact, Leupold glass eliminates 85% more glare-producing stray light than competitors.

Offered in 1-inch and 30mm main tubes, these scopes pack a lot into a lightweight package and they come with multiple reticle options. Plus, they’re fog and waterproof.

With the CDS dials, you send Leupold your ballistic info specific to the bullet you shoot. And when the dial comes back, you simply range the target, dial up the actual yardage and shoot. No holdover required. The first CDS dial is free.

With 13 different combinations available, there is a VX-3i scope perfect for wherever your hunting takes you.

Learn more at: www.leupold.com