Elk NetworkGear 101 – Bog DeathGrip Tripod

Gear 101 | November 8, 2019

Pinpoint accuracy starts with a solid foundation. And with BOG’s new DeathGrip Tripod, you won’t find a more stable shooting rest on the market.

Beefy, telescoping carbon-fiber legs ensure durability and their no-slip lever locks provide fast locking and release.

A 3-position leg angle lock allows legs to be adjusted to 0-85 degrees. Use it for standing shots up to 59 inches. Kneeling and prone positions all the way down to just 7 inches off the ground.

An integral bubble level ensures a level positioning. Retractable claw feet ensure traction in any terrain.

Your rifle is cradled hands-free in a non-marring rubber jaw insert that protects the firearm and the quick-adjust clamping lever secures the firearm in seconds with smooth rotation.

Tilt adjustment lever controls up to 25 degrees of cant forwards and back and the head pans 360 degrees with tension adjustment.

At just 7 and a half pounds, the DeathGrip Tripod is a welcome addition to any hunter’s base camp.