Elk NetworkFresh tactics for Elk, Antelope and Moose from Montana Decoy

Sponsored Content | June 16, 2022

Fall is just around the corner and now is the time to plan and prepare to up your odds. In this year’s Big Game decoy Guide we’ll share some all new decoy and hunting tips that cover a wide range of elk and other big game.

The 2022 Big Game Guide is here! We’ve created four new big game scenarios for those who are planning to hunt antelope, elk, or moose this coming fall. Plus, we’ve introduced custom decoys for those truly unique animals you might hunt once in a lifetime. No matter what or where you’re hunting this season, make it your best one yet.

Guide Includes

Four new scenarios for antelope, elk, and moose.

Information about our custom decoy program.

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Visit :  https://montanadecoy.com/2022-big-game-decoy-guide/ to learn more.