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Sponsored Content | August 25, 2022

The goal for the new women’s lineup was the same as every KUIU project: Create a solution. The challenge was to build a skin-to-shell layering system for women that scales through any weather condition and activity level. Whether you’re hunting elk, deer, or sheep, all hunters face a wide range of weather conditions—sun, wind, rain, and snow—sometimes all on the same day. The outside elements, coupled with an intense range of aerobic activity, like going from hiking to glassing, requires a system that adapts and provides protection and comfort more than anything else.

Years in the making, this full-stack lineup of gear was engineered with an obsessive attention to fit, function, and detail—while staying true to the name KUIU bears: Ultralight Hunting. By combining already proven textiles and technologies with details specific to the needs of women hunters, the result is confidence on the most challenging hunts.

Layers Designed to Work Together

Each layer of the system features its own fit and purpose. The base, mid, and outer layers gradually get larger with each layer, so they comfortably fit or nest together. Once you know your measured size and where each garment within the system is worn, it will help take the guesswork out of building your kit.

What do the numbers mean?

The number in the name of the products represents the garment’s fabric weight in Grams per Square Meter (g/m2 or GSM). It’s the weight of a one-by-one meter square of fabric measured in grams, and typically, the higher the number the warmer the fabric.

Base Layers

Base layers are the foundation of your layering system. They take on your stop-and-go exertion levels by absorbing sweat, wicking it away from your body, and drying quickly to keep you comfortable.

KUIU’s ULTRA Merino products feature Nuyarn® Technology, a patented twist-free yarn spinning technique that maximizes the wool fiber’s natural performance of managing moisture and odor resistance. Merino wool is a top choice for base layers, it naturally keeps sheep cool in the summer and warm in winter—it can also do the same for a hunter. It’s versatile across a wide range of weather conditions and is an ideal weight for mountain hunting.

ULTRA Merino 145- Racer Back Tank, Long Sleeve Crew, Zip-Off Bottom, and Headband

Itch-free, moisture wicking, naturally odor resistant, and low-sheen, the ultra-fine 17.5-micron ULTRA Merino Collection is the ideal base layer for hunters needing a long term, effective solution in a wide range of weather conditions and aerobic activities.

Gila LS Hoodie

Purpose built for keeping you cool in the hottest conditions, the Women’s Gila LS Hoodie is made from highly breathable, odor resistant, and cooling polyester fabric (135 g/m2). UPF 50+ rated, it’s the ultimate top for hunting in hot weather. The Gila Hoodie is ideally worn as a standalone shirt in hot conditions, yet it may also be worn as a base layer in colder conditions.

Mid Layers

Worn over a base layer and sized slightly larger, mid layers add an extra level of warmth. They also help wick and transport moisture away from the base layer.

Pro Merino 200 Zip-T

Ideally worn over a base layer in mild conditions, or as a mid layer in colder conditions, this zip-t features a revolutionary layered structure with 17.5-micron Nuyarn Merino on the inside and hydrophobic eyelet polyester on the outside, woven together as one.

The inside Merino layer quickly absorbs body vapor and sweat while the outer Polyester layer wicks it away from your skin. Moisture is distributed throughout the eyelet construction to speed up the drying process and encourages airflow within the fabric.

Peloton 240 Full-Zip Hoodie

This durable full-zip hoodie is versatile as a standalone outer layer in mild conditions and as mid layer in freezing conditions. Featuring an ultra-soft and high-stretch bonded grid fleece, it’s comfortable, quiet, and highly wind resistant.

Kenai Hooded Jacket  

The Kenai is the ideal insulated hunting jacket for stop-and-go activity in cold and wet conditions. Its water-resistant synthetic insulation and breathable fabric keep you from overheating while hiking. It fits well over a base- and lightweight mid-layer, yet streamlined, so it wears comfortably under an outer-layer soft-shell jacket or rain jacket in the same size.

Kenai’s outer-layer fabric is water resistant, dead quiet and low sheen. It’s not meant to be worn while busting through brush, unless a more durable soft-shell jacket or rain jacket is worn over the top.

Super Down ULTRA Hooded Jacket

Unbelievable warmth at an ultralight weight, Super Down ULTRA is the ideal mid-layer down jacket when staying warm while keeping still is critical. Insulated with water-resistant Quixdown®, it is our lightest and most packable down jacket.

The outer-layer fabric is not as quiet as the Kenai, however, it’s 100% windproof and fantastic at locking in heat while stationary. Like the Kenai, its ultralight outer-layer fabric is not built for brushy or thorny situations.

Hunting Pants

Designed with common features like zippered hip vents, articulated knees, and an ideal fit for hunting, KUIU’s pants are built for the most demanding hunters. Features also include zippered cargo and rear pockets, open hand pocket, spandex-free stretch, K-DWR® water resistant treatment, and Makspec® odor control.

 Tiburon Pant

Highly breathable, UPF 50+ rated, and comfortable, the Women’s Tiburon warm-weather pant features Dot Air® fabric (147 g/m2) with micro holes that allow maximized ventilation. Tiburon keeps you ventilated, cool, and comfortable on the hottest days.

Attack Pant

Built from 4-way stretch Primeflex® polyester fabric (247 g/m2), the midweight Attack Pant offers rugged durability, versatility, and comfortable stretch. The Attack Pant is ideally worn on its own in warm to cool weather, or in chilly weather with a zip-off thermal bottom layered underneath. As our all-time best-selling pant, it’s the pant to own if you only own one.

Outer Layer- Soft Shell

KUIU’s soft-shell hunting jackets utilize a comfortable 2-layer Primeflex fabric featuring a fleece-lined fabric on the inside and durable 4-way stretch fabric on the outside. Combined, they provide warmth and superior wind and water resistance while protecting against thick brush and rugged terrain.

Guide Jacket

Durable and wind- and water-resistant, this women’s outer-layer hooded hunting jacket is built to withstand and perform. It features 4-way stretch Primeflex® fleece-lined soft-shell fabric that provides comfort and protection in variable weather conditions.

Outer Layer- Waterproof Rain Gear

Whether you’re expecting driving rain every day, or the occasional unexpected downpour, KUIU’s lightweight, packable waterproof rain gear will keep you dry and protected. Features include a durable 3-layer laminated fabric with a breathable Torain® HDM waterproof membrane, K-DWR water resistant treatment, and Aquaguard YKK® zippers.

Chugach TR Waterproof Rain Jacket and Pant

Highly packable with incredible stretch, the Women’s Chugach TR hunting rain jacket and pant are purpose built for ultralight hunting. Made from the latest Torain® TR Technology with a streamlined design, they’re 100% waterproof, durable, and ultralight weight.

While layering systems are fully customizable, each piece within the system has a purpose and can be layered in or out to adapt to your situations. Below are examples of early- and late-season elk hunting layering options:

Early-Season, Hot- to Mild-Weather Layering System Example:

Base-Layer Top 1: Racerback Tank

Base-Layer Top 2: Gila Hoodie

Hunting Pant: Tiburon

Mid-Layer Jacket: Peloton 240 Hooded Jacket

Rain Gear: Chugach TR Waterproof Jacket and Pant

Late-Season, Mild- to Cold-Weather Layering System Example:

Base-Layer Top: ULTRA Merino 145 LS

Mid-Layer Top: PRO Merino 200 Zip-T

Mid-Layer Insulation: Kenai Hooded Jacket

Outer-Layer Jacket: Guide DCS Hooded Jacket

Base-Layer Bottom: ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-Off Bottom

Hunting Pant: Attack Pant

Rain Gear: Chugach TR Waterproof Jacket and Pant (worn in place of Guide Jacket if needed)

To see the entire women’s collection of hunting gear and apparel, visit www.KUIU.com