Elk NetworkDo You See It? Mountain Lion Eyes Unsuspecting Elk

General | July 9, 2020

Before we go any farther, can you see the mountain lion stalking this elk in the above photo? Take a closer look before scrolling to the bottom of this article to view its location.

Imagine casually making your way through the backcountry without realizing a mountain lion is tracking your every step. That’s apparently what happened to a spike elk at the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge in northern New Mexico about 50 miles east of Santa Fe. A trail camera designed to monitor the success of restoring arroyos(dry creek beds or washes) captured this and other images over a two-minute time period.

Go here to see a series of photos that shows the elk enter the frame.

Mountain lions do stalk and feed on elk but no word on what, if anything, happened once the animals went out of frame.

(Photo source: Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge)