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Sponsored Content | June 9, 2023

The Davis Tent team has been using and improving our tent accessories as long as we have been building tents.


  • Stoves- Valley, Ridge, Peak and Rivers Bend
  • Stove Fire Mats
  • Cots- Big Boy Camping Cot
  • Cot Organizers
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Sleeping Bag Covers
  • Tack- Panniers, saddle bags, hobbles, scabbards, lash cinch, meat bags
  • Storage Organizers
  • Lantern & Hat Hooks
  • Solar Light Kits
  • Patch Kits
  • Stoves

Our tents and accessories have been crafted to make your time in the wilderness about enjoying the wilderness, not fussing with gear. Hunters give to conservation, it is our ethos.

Place your order at www.davistent.com before August 1st, 2023, and receive a 10% discount using the code RMEFDT23. Offer only valid on accessories.