Elk NetworkCoyote Bites, Tries to Drag Away One-Year-Old Boy

Conservation | July 14, 2017

A family shooting off fireworks in southcentral Nebraska on July 4th says a coyote tried to haul away a small boy.

“The coyote bit and tried to take off with my 1-year-old nephew on his back left puncture wounds,” wrote Salina Josephine on Facebook.

There are multiple reports of coyote sightings in northwest Hastings over the past several weeks.

“The witnesses, the child’s family, said they are positive it was a small coyote,” Sgt. Brian Hessler of the Hastings Police Department told the Hastings Tribune. “They have hunted them in the past and know what they look like. It was mangy looking, hair was falling out.”

Josephine says the family took the baby to the emergency room for treatment. He received a tetanus shot and also began a series of rabies shots as a precautionary measure.