Elk NetworkColorado County: No to Wolf Reintroduction

Conservation | March 28, 2018

Commissioners from Moffat County, located in the northwest corner of Colorado, again proclaimed their opposition by animal rights and environmental groups seeking to transplant wolves in Colorado.

According to the Craig Daily Press, the signed resolution opposes wolf reintroduction, seeks to protect the local economy and create compensation for the loss of livestock and wildlife, supports previous recommendations by the Colorado Wolf Management Working Group which also opposed reintroduction, and maintains that any future wolf management should be under the jurisdiction of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

In 2016, CPW restated its opposition to wolf reintroduction.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently issued a letter to its members in Colorado and Utah highlighting scientific research and information about wolves and claims by groups seeking to place them on the Colorado landscape.

(Photo image: National Park Service/Jim Peaco)