Elk NetworkCiting Uncertain Future, Hunting Licenses in Higher Demand

General | April 9, 2020

Seeking to secure their future food supply, it seems more people are interesting in taking up hunting. At least that’s the case north of the border. British Columbians purchased more than twice the amount of hunting licenses so far in 2020 compared to a year ago.

“With everything that’s going on and the food shortages, hunting is something I want to teach my kids. I always assumed I would show them the way I learned from my dad, and this seems like the right time,” Ryan Deleurme told the Fairview Post. “I’ve been going to the gun store to get bullets and targets to practice with my boys. The local shop is sold out. They said it’s just been crazy.”

The British Columbia Conservation Officer Service wants to make sure those making plans to eventually hunt have the proper know-how, licenses and understand how to identify the specific game species they plan to harvest.

(Photo source: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)