Elk NetworkBull Elk Rescued from Fencing, Second Animal Dies

General | October 4, 2018

Below is a Facebook post from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Police:

Two bull elk in the Ochoco Unit were recently spotted stuck together and tied up in wire fencing, something we see quite a bit this time of year. One bull had died from injuries sustained from fighting and being wrapped in the barb wire. Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife troopers were able to radio dispatch and notify the Prineville field office staff to bring the equipment to sedate the bull elk. ODFW staff were able to successfully immobilize and free the mature bull but were not able to salvage the other bull.

Bull elk and buck deer can often become entangled in leftover wire or rope this time of year. If you see animals stuck or trapped, please notify OSP or ODFW. Do not attempt to free the animal on your own. An injured or trapped animal may be extremely dangerous. And if you notice old rope or wire lying around where an animal may become wrapped up or trapped in it, please remove it if possible.

(Photo source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)