Elk NetworkBull Elk Has To Be Sedated After Being Caught In Fish Net

General | August 8, 2017

The best place to use fish netting is in the water. Homeowners in southwest British Columbia learned that the hard way. A 5 x 5 Roosevelt bull elk had to be sedated and cut out of netting in their yard.

“If netting is required in order to keep wildlife out of gardens, the Conservation Officer Service encourages residents to use page wire, which will break and give under enough stress as opposed to durable netting such as fishing net, which will only become stronger as it gets wound around a struggling animal,” Nicole Caithness, British Columbia conservation officer, told the Coast Reporter. “Electric fencing is also a very good option for deterring wildlife, whether it is trying to keep deer out of gardens or bears out of garbage, as it is effective and relatively inexpensive to buy and install.”

After applying reversal drugs, the bull regained movement, rose to its feet and ran off into the forest where it’s expected to make a full recovery.

(Photo source: BC Conservation Officer)