Elk NetworkBothersome Ticks Can Be Deadly

General | April 12, 2018

They are annoying. They are plentiful. And worst of all, they can be deadly. Ticks can trigger Lyme disease, Rocky Mounted spotted fever or other diseases that lead to sickness or much worse but they are also preventable.

Outdoorsman Babe Winkelman recently launched the Tick-Borne Illness Information Center in an effort to raise awareness.

“You and I have to learn that it’s not up to someone else to educate us. It’s your job for the sake of your family’s health and my job for the sake of mine,” said Winkelman.

According to Winkelman, at least four tick-borne diseases can be fatal. He also indicates that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, estimates vary between 300,000 to one million cases per year in the United States alone.

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(Photo image: Centers for Disease Control)