Elk NetworkBaby Bobcats Enter Hunter’s Blind

General | June 29, 2017

So a bobcat climbs into a blind…

It’s not the opening line of fictional hunting tale. It’s reality! And it happened to a deer hunter in western Iowa who had his eye on filling his freezer.

Wendell Van Beek was bowhunting last October when a mother bobcat and three little ones walked by his blind. The next thing he knew, he wasn’t alone in his blind.

“I heard kind of a thunk sitting right beside me and looked down and there sat one of the babies right next to me. Listening to the mama below and actually there were deer out in front of me and they were snorting and stomping at the mama underneath me,” Van Beek, told KMEG-TV.

He took plenty of photos as he watched the baby bobcats play on an old ladder that led up to his blind.

“It was pretty cool.”

Who can argue with that?