Elk NetworkAvoid Wildlife Conflicts

General | March 27, 2019

Spring is here! That means several things including the snow is finally melting, the green-up is underway and, unfortunately, wildlife often finds itself getting into trouble.

State wildlife agencies want to remind everyone who lives in wildlife corridors to take steps to avoid potential conflict. Bears, deer and a wide range of other animals pass through or live in open spaces, parks, undeveloped parcels of land, river bottoms and on or near bodies of water.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, it’s important to respect the “wildness of wildlife.” In other words, keep your distance and leave animals alone. Intentional or inadvertent feeding often triggers conflict and can be deadly for wildlife. Also, keep trash containers inside a garage or other secure area.

If you do see wildlife on your property, do not take action but yourself but call the nearest state wildlife agency or law enforcement.

(Photo source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife