Elk NetworkAlaska Study: Elk, Bears and Logging

General | July 31, 2017

A $1.8 million study will examine the relationship between elk, bears and logging, and what that means for future forest management on Alaska’s Afognak Island. Researchers want to see how elk use the landscape that is a mix of old growth forest and clear-cut areas.

“In the winter time, there’s been some research that some of these animals, elk in particular, need wind-firm stands, so in these harsh winters that we have where we get a lot of snowfall or high winds there’s been some research that suggests that elk need these wind-firm stands so they can go to get thermal covering, be in these warmer areas out of the elements,” Nate Svoboda, Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist, told KMXT radio.

Biologists want to examine the same type of behavior by bears.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation supplied past funding for the project and supports the ongoing research.

(Photo source: Alaska Department of Fish and Game)