Elk NetworkAdvocating for Conservation Priorities in DC

General | February 10, 2023

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has a constant presence in Washington D.C., especially when legislative efforts are discussed that may affect RMEF’s mission.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recently joined several other conservation and outdoor-related groups in the U.S. Capitol to talk with the Congressional Western Caucus about the importance of conservation priorities contained in the Farm Bill. The legislation is set to expire in 2023 and Congress is working on a renewal bill, which it does every five years.

“More than half of the congressional staffers that were in the room had never worked on a Farm Bill before, so getting the RMEF mission in front of them was a critical advocacy effort,” said Ryan Bronson, RMEF director of government affairs.

RMEF is particularly interested in protecting the conservation title within the bill, which is responsible for most of the existing major private land conservation programs. Specific to that effort, RMEF is trying to reform some of the regulations to better align with its mission, including making the Conservation Reserve Program a tool for big game migratory corridors and using the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program to boost state walk-in access programs. Other efforts include trying to build new forestry conservation programs to enhance private forest management.

The Congressional Western Caucus is a group of lawmakers that work to advance six basic objectives: economic growth, American energy security, local control of natural resources, private property rights, multiple-use and agriculture and forestry.

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(Photo credit: Congressional Western Caucus)