Elk NetworkLead Volunteers Go Above and Beyond in Missoula

Volunteer News | August 20, 2012

Lead Volunteers Go Above and Beyond in Missoula

By Mark D. Tolar, Division II Regional Chair

On May 15-17, Elk Foundation state and regional chairs gathered in Missoula, Montana, for their annual meetings. In the many years I’ve been attending, these meetings were the best I can remember.

Our state and regional chairs are a team of talented, smart, passionate people. They are leaders in their professions and they bring a wealth of knowledge to our table. They’re great representatives for all of you who ride for the brand. Best of all, they bring a huge heart for people and critters. 

On Saturday evening, after several days of intense, productive meetings with RMEF staff, we were charged up and ready to meet new challenges. In typical fashion, this generous bunch of volunteers passed the hat several times and collected just over $7,000. Two thousand of that went to our State and Regional Chair Habitat Partnership, putting the current total at $28,500. One of our newest chairs gave a $2,500 Habitat Partnership for Pennsylvania’s Elk Country Visitor Center. Another wrote a $1,000 check for the operating budget. 

But my favorite part came when we had our own Pass It On moment. We collected $1,500 to purchase a life membership for Tristan Gray Wright, who had yet to enter this world. (He was born happy and healthy on July 25). Jennie, Tristan’s mom, is our field programs coordinator, the young lady who keeps all things “volunteer” running smoothly. As we shared the gift with Jennie and her husband Warren the crowd erupted and the tears flowed. That’s what it’s all about! Our whole organization is built on relationships with people. In many respects we are a tight-knit family.

On behalf of the state and regional chairs, I thank our volunteers everywhere, our staff and our board of directors for all that you do. I’ll see you in Fort Worth!