Elk Network104-Year-Old Hunter Punches His Deer Tag (Again)

General | December 24, 2017

The Energizer Bunny has nothing on Clyde Roberts. At a spry 104 years of age, Roberts took two whitetail does this fall in northern Virginia.

According to a report in the Bristol Herald Courier, Roberts didn’t take up hunting until he retired at age 65. His son bought him a rifle and then he took advantage of a $5 lifetime Virginia hunting license.

“I suppose the state fish and game folks figured anyone retiring would not be around long enough for them to lose money. I have hunted and trapped on that $5 license for decades,” Roberts told the Courier. “Some years later that deal was discontinued.”

“When people ask me about the secret to my longevity, I tell them it was all about hard work and living for the Lord,” Roberts added.